How To Make Your Maui Vacation More Affordable

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We know a Maui vacation can cost a small fortune, and that many are interested in learning how they can have a great time without going over budget. Our first recommendation is that you choose one of our Maui condo rentals so you have a kitchen available and can avoid eating every meal out. You may not realize it, but eating out is a major expense! You can save a bundle by enjoying dinner out in the evenings, and preparing a packed lunch to take along during the day while you’re enjoying all of the fun activities and adventure.

Another way you can save is by traveling with other families or couples, depending on your situation. Lots of people travel in groups, which helps tremendously as you can split the costs of accommodations, car rental, even groceries. Imagine if you were to rent a condo that costs $400 per night and you split the cost with another couple or even two other couples; you’ll save a boatload of money!

If you intend to rent a car, choose one that gets super gas mileage. Gas is high in Hawaii, so go with economy instead of looks. Who cares what you’re driving? You’re in Maui to have a great time!

Use common sense and do your best to avoid getting injured. The last thing you want is a hospital bill, so be careful when engaging in any activities that could result in injury. Whether you’re hiking, surfing, kayaking, biking or enjoying other adventures, always be cautious.

Enjoy all of the things you can do for free on the island. Fun doesn’t have to cost money. Swimming, soaking up the sun on the beach, taking in a gorgeous sunset or sunrise, watching the whales, hiking, snorkeling – there are countless activities that don’t cost a dime.

Finding restaurants with lunch specials and other deals, visiting Maui during the off seasons when everything is cheaper, shopping craft fairs or swap meets for souvenirs; when you make an effort, you can literally save hundreds or even more on your vacation without sacrificing a great time.

If you’re planning on visiting the island in the coming months, be sure to book one of our Maui condo rentals now before they’re gone! We hope to see you soon.

Enjoy Your Maui Vacation Even More With These Safety Tips

maui vacation

Hopefully you’ve already booked one of our spectacular Maui condo rentals and are well on your way in terms of your travel plans. A Maui vacation is a dream come true for many people, however it’s important to consider safety wherever you go. The people on our beautiful island are friendly and welcoming, the recreational opportunities everywhere you look. We want to help you enjoy your vacation to its fullest with these tips!

There are plenty of places you’ll want to enjoy a walk through, but you’ll probably be glad you rented a car. No matter what your vehicle preference or budget, there’s something suitable so you can travel to areas on the island that aren’t within walking distance. When you have your own vehicle it’s more convenient and you enjoy exploring the island on your own time table. Another benefit of having a rental car is that you can put your valuables in the trunk so they’re out of sight.

There are some wonderful remote areas you may want to explore including the coastal Kipahulu region and the Summit Region, but keep in mind that those who have respiratory problems may not do well at an elevation of 10,000 feet. Haleakala National Park’s Summit Region has been known to drop in temperature to the mid 30’s, although most of the island never gets cooler than 80 degrees. It’s also important to note that the very remote regions are about 45 minutes away from the nearest town.

Love to camp? There are private and public parks in Maui where you’ll be able to experience nature and the relaxation you can only find with camping, and it’s safe – especially if you camp with a friend, spouse or group of people.

Because it’s a tropical paradise that beckons you to spend as much time as possible outdoors, you’ll want to bring along plenty of sunscreen! Whether browsing the shops, lounging on the beach, kayaking, hiking or playing a round of golf you’ll be exposed to the sun. The last thing you want is to spend your vacation with a painful sunburn.

It’s good to know as much about the island and all of the events, activities and experiences you can expect to enjoy. If you’re considering a Maui condo rental, be sure to check out the luxurious accommodations we have to offer!

Half The Fun Of Vacationing Is The Food – Here’s What You’ll Find In Maui!


Vacationing is all about having fun and relaxing, putting the stress of day-to-day life – and the diet – behind you for a while. While you’re probably excited about hitting the beach, kayaking, surfing, browsing the shops and all of the other fun activities, no doubt you’re nearly as excited about experiencing new foods. Our Maui condo rentals provide well-equipped kitchenettes so you can prepare meals at your home away from home when you like, but you’ll want to check out the local cuisine at least a few times! What can you expect?

Home to charming gourmet establishments and traditional open-sea restaurants, Maui is where you’ll find a blend of Chinese, Japanese, French, Korean and other cuisines. In Lahaina and all around the island you’ll find beachfront restaurants and chic bistros serving up Mexican, Thai, Italian and more. If grilled lomi salmon or pork sounds delicious, or you’re in the mood for tequila shrimp or freshly grilled sea food, you’ll find your little piece of Heaven.

Chances are you’ll enjoy a luau or traditional Hawaiian dance at some point during your vacation. It’s likely you’ll enjoy a Hawaiian staple, poi, along with Kalua roast pork, ahi poke and mahi-mahi. These may sound foreign to you at this point, but you’ll come to learn why these traditional favorites are so popular among locals and visitors to the island!

Traditional Hawaiian food includes dishes such as chicken long rice, laulau, squid luau and kalua pork. Loco moco is another dish you may want to try if you love fried eggs and a beef patty, with rice and gravy thrown in. If raw seafood is your thing, you won’t want to miss out on the poke.

The menu is as diverse as the people; even the pickiest eaters will experience fresh, local foods and ingredients that tickle the tongue and delight the taste buds. If you’re craving a steak, pizza, or even a burger, not to worry – you’ll find just about any type of food you could possibly want in Maui.

Vacationing on this beautiful island can be an adventure in many things, including spectacular food. Experience all of the amazing cuisine we have to offer!

At the end of a magnificent day you’ll want to put your feet up and relax. No where will you feel more at home than in one of our spacious, luxuriously appointed Maui condo rentals. Our accommodations are booked well in advance, so book yours today!

Will You Be Visiting Maui For The July 4th Holiday?

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Considering it’s just 12 days away, hopefully you’ve already secured one of our beautiful Maui condo rentals so you can relax in the lap of luxury when you’re not out exploring the island! If you’re headed to the Valley Isle for the 4th of July holiday, you’ll have the time of your life no doubt.

Naturally you’ll want to watch the spectacular fireworks display in Lahaina, but the fun starts much earlier! All around Front Street and surrounding areas you’ll find lots of games, music, food and other festivities for the whole family. The fireworks display begins a 8 p.m. so you’ll want to have a good spot either at a Front Street restaurant or one of the ocean view areas.

What about some great places to eat? We know that for many, vacation is a time the diet goes out the window and you explore new venues and menus. There are so many great restaurants in Maui you’ll have a really hard time deciding where to eat, but we can recommend a few including the Old Lahaina Luau if you want to give classic Hawaiian cuisine a try while enjoying the performances. Even better, the ocean view from Lahaina is magnificent.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Longhi’s, Kobe Japanese Steak House, Lahaina Grill and Pacific’O are a few other restaurants located in close proximity of our Maui condos on Ka’anapali Beach, and Mala Ocean Tavern is a long-time favorite of locals and tourists alike.

After your food has settled (or before, depending on the time of day) you may want to embark on some of the most exciting adventures you’ll ever experience such as snorkeling or ziplining. Or, if you’re not really into adrenalin-pumping adventure you might prefer to walk through the gorgeous sand, swim, lay on the beach or browse all the unique local shops. Not to worry, though; whether you enjoy a round of golf, love to hike or really just want to relax and do nothing at all, you’ll relish the time you spend in Maui.

Like any other state in the U.S. Independence Day is one filled with celebration and fun in Maui. Even if you choose to wait until the holiday has passed and the crowd thins out a bit, you will never forget this beautiful, relaxing paradise that soothes the soul and renews your spirit. Be sure to check out our exquisite condo rentals when visiting Maui!