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The “Service Fee”…



Service Fee

VRBO was sold to Expedia in November of 2015. Expedia has made a business model decision, which includes a “Service Fee”. This service-booking fee is sold as a “Vacation Guarantee”. You are welcome to use this “service”, but it will cost you. VRBO has been clever marketing their service (Which did not exist since 1995)… Steven G Gatchell (SGG LLC/ (S) teven (G) erard (G) atchell LLC) has been licensed as a Real Estate Sales person, and Broker for twenty-seven-years in Hawaii. If you do not want to pay VRBO’s service fee, you may book direct. Your comfort is our goal, so if you wish to book through VRBO, you are welcome to do so. If you would like to save on the VRBO “Service fee”, you can do so with confidence by checking our credentials:
**IF you have already booked through VRBO we cannot cancel your booking and re-book without the “service fee”. It is STRICTLY against VRBO policy.
VRBO Membership; Steven G Gatchell has been a Member on VRBO since 2008. You may verify this by going to any of the listings below and see Membership information under “Owner details” on the right-hand side of the page…. Look for our logo (mauilife Realty).
VRBO Membership information for each of Steven G Gatchell’s listings can be found on VRBO at: (Search the listing(s) you are interested in below)
Suite 625 Hokulani (3 BRM) www.vrbo.com/172700
Suite 441 Hokulani (2 BRM) www.vrbo.com/318144
Suite 713 Hokulani (1 BRM) www.vrbo.com/289720
Suite 301 Konea (2 BRM) www.vrbo.com/384486
Suite 302 Konea (3 BRM) www.vrbo.com/781890
Suite 1025 Konea (3 BRM) www.vrbo.com/300916
Suite 929 Konea (3 BRM) www.vrbo.com/645189
Suites 301/302 Konea (5 BRM) www.vrbo.com/781891
Kaanapali Vista Home (4 bedroom) www.vrbo.com/1209003
You can be assured, a reputable company such as VRBO/Expedia, valued in the Billions, would not continue to do business with anyone that was not extremely legitimate (Steven G Gatchell successful eight years on VRBO).
If you require more information to boost your comfort level booking direct, we have provided Hawaii State Real Estate Licensing information below. Steven G Gatchell has been licensed with the Hawaii Real Estate Division since 1987 (Steven G Gatchell Realty, 1992) (mauilife Realty, 2016). Please check credentials at:

State of Hawaii Real Estate Division:

Licensee Search / Complaints History / Business Registration


Click on the above and enter: SGG LLC (S teven G erard G atchell LLC)

Other searches, enter: SGG LLC

State Tax ID#, enter the following: W40350424-01
Steven G Gatchell has lived in Hawaii since 1970. Please “Google” Steven G Gatchell Maui, you will immediately have confirmation of who Steven G Gatchell is, there are pages of information on; Vacation Rentals, Real Estate Sales, etc. Steven G Gatchell is a long established Real Estate Broker in the State of Hawaii.
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For Sales and Vacation Reservations, please call (808) 283-0940 or send a message via the contact page.